School year hiatus.

You can find me:

  • in the lake
  • on the lake (rowing, sailing, canoeing…walking on it when frozen…)
  • in the climbing gym
  • somewhere in the upstate NY mountains
  • some coffee shop in downtown Kingston



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me and you and our dogs all sleeping together on our king sized bed

my idea of a perfect date night

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When we give up control, we surrender to moment. Our peace comes from our ability to allow things as they happen and trust that the universe will support us at every turn. We can choose to muscle our life or be receptive to its flow. @iamvibes
Pose inspired by @lola_beth

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the most authentic of beach waves




my dads flat has an alright view, I guess it’s okay


mostly nature

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Stomachs look different in lighting, poses, time of day, whatever. Your belly has so many different faces and states and all are cute as hell. So what there’s fat? So what you have rolls or cellulite or creases or hair or folds. Your stomach is metal as fuck. Have you ever seen those videos they show you I’m biology of food breaking down in your tum??? It’s amazing omg there’s all these chemicals and movements and signals and your belly is part of an amazing and intricate process in keeping you ALIVE. That’s so awesome!!!

When I flex it’s mostly flat and when it turn I get these folds. When I sit my belly gets soft, and when I slouch and relax rolls n rolls make themselves at home. So what?! Smh don’t ever say mean things to you bonsa. Thank it for holding your guts in. Touch it with gentle hands it bc it’s hella soft and squishy sometimes. Rub it when you’re full and feed it when it’s telling you to. Your body isn’t something to hate. You’re kind of stuck with it so start loving yourself and realise that your body isn’t the best thing about you or the worst. Its just a smooth ride and it works so hard for you man your body does so much even if you don’t think so or you think it’s ugly. There’s a whole UNIVERSE inside you!!!!! That’s rad as fuck man

(oh and a lil bit of body hair in there too lmao ya know..natural and cool)

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